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Feeling peckish? Project manager Jess has a tasty illustration just for you! Amidst working for us managing visualising projects over the last six or so years Jess has been working on a number of commissions for her watercolour illustrative practice. We thought it was about time that we shared with you some of our favourites – for those that know us, it will come as no surprise that these are the foody ones!

When we spoke to Jess about her process she explained that she works in watercolour/ink but digitises her images so that they are cut out and easy to place in layouts.

‘Some clients love the grainy texture of watercolour paper but prefer it just to shine through the painted elements, and have transparent backgrounds that are more adaptable in layouts.’ – Jess

Here is an example of a yummy looking cake with a grainy background:


Whilst here is an example of delicious fruit without the grainy texture:


After much trial and error Jess has learnt to digitise the images without losing any of the subtle detail in the lighter brushwork. The end result always depends on the needs of the client.

In case you haven’t already got your fill of Easter goodies we’ll finish on this delicious bundle of seasonal hot cross buns Jess illustrated for a recipe by @GingerGourmand featured in the current issue of The Dulwich Diverter. We hope we haven’t made you too hungry!

hot cross buns


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