How on earth do I go about getting a ‘happy head’? And what the hell is a ‘wall scribe’!

Put simply, a traditional wall scribe is a drawing on a wall that visually interprets an event, presentation or meeting as it happens. It delivers information in a way that is memorable, shareable, and engaging through pictures. These scribes are fantastic at adding a sense of spontaneity and theatre whilst introducing a valuable new perspective.

Now, how does one get a ‘Happy Head’ you ask? Well, that’s a trickier one!

We met Kim Murray – ex-marketing guru at Red Bull and Founder of mindfulness service, Happy Heads to find out…

Kim often leads meditation workshops in companies and regularly runs 1:1 sessions, which includes guided meditation, breathing techniques, and an Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping.

Kim contacted us because she wanted create something a bit special for her workshop participants from AEG, which was to take place during Mental Health Week. Kim asked us to create a scribe of the workshop so that the participants (and future participants) would have something that they could reflect on that brought a visual perspective to an otherwise internal journey.

After a short discussion, Kim decided that a traditional wall scribe would be ideal for her as it was important that the space was kept ‘digital screen free’, whilst she felt that a wall scribe would be a wonderful surprise for the participants as they awoke.

We met Kim in one of AEG offices based near the O2 before the session started to set-up. We brought with us eco boards to temporarily fix to the walls, an array of beautiful marker pens, a camera to document the work, and very talented artist, Mark.

During the scribe Mark listened and stealthily responded to stages of the workshop, working speedily so as not to miss any key stages. The workshop was just for one hour but that was long enough for us to create a scribe that captured the practice in a memorable and engaging way.

When the participants awoke, calm and focused, they spent some time to enjoy the wall scribe, and found it a useful reminder of the breadth of the areas they had covered in just one short session.

The scribe was photographed and filmed, creating shareable content for Kim and the participants, the scribe was later digitalised back at our studio, making it super-duper web and all-things-social-media ready. Once cleaned up, the digital assets were sent to Kim, making it easy for her to refer to them time and time again.

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