Once a year we take the train up to Buckinghamshire New University to share what we get up to at Three Blind Mice. With a stack of scamp sheets under arm, and a good selection of old project briefs to hand, Senior Project Manager Rob, and TBM artist Mark set out to deliver a practical one-day workshop with the creatives of the future.

Rob and Mark shared examples of the projects that we’ve worked on and explained the process and how we go about responding to the briefs. After that, the briefs were shared amongst the students and they set to breaking down the scripts and drawing up the scamps.

Students worked on storyboarding and concept development exercises with the aid of Rob and Mark’s many years of industry experience to help guide them through.

The day was a big success, with students producing a whole army of top-notch Robot family designs. Thank you to everyone at Bucks Uni who took part, we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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