For over 20 years, we’ve helped the Advertising and PR industries visually communicate their ideas.

Producing research and pitch materials, we turn scamps into campaigns and sketches into storyboards.

There’s a certain dedication and value that two decades of industry experience invariably brings to the brief.

“Creative teams love our flexibility,”

We’ve steadily grown to a team of 20 animators, illustrators, producers and project managers. And while we work with the latest digital technology we’ve not lost sight of what’s important - attention, interpretation and the art of conversation.

  • Chris Page


  • Rob Taylor

    Senior Project Manager

  • Jess Elphick

    Project Manager

  • Lydia Robinson

    Project Manager

  • Hayley Warren

    Studio Manager

  • Michael Parks

    Senior Producer

  • Adam Tiratsoo


  • Kavita Daggar

    Production Assistant

  • Sam Burton  

    Head of Animation

  • George Coffey

    In-house Editor

  • Myles Low

    In-house Editor

  • Leicester

    The Big Cheese

  • Rachinta Platts

    Junior Editor

Kavita Daggar

Production Assistant

Our Queen of research, she keeps the production department organised and
up to date on hot new trends.

Rachinta Platts

Junior Editor

An avid storyteller with a keen eye for detail. Rachinta thrives in using characterful animation to bring stories to life.

Welcome to the Art Factory

7 months in the making, we’d like to welcome you to our most ambitious project to date.

We’re big fans of conversation at The Art Factory. Quality conversation can make or break a project, which is why we remodelled our studio; creating a home from home for clients and creatives.

“Slightly bigger than your average mouse hole”

Plenty of agencies invite you to pop in for a cup of tea, but we mean it. The fridge is stocked and our sofas can accommodate the biggest creative brain.

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